Welcome to Ahmiel Personal Training

Ahmiel: educated, attentive, bountiful, consistent, dependable, humble, passionate, self-confident, serene, vital and thorough. These are all qualities we believe in and strive to incorporate into every service we offer.

Nutrition Coaching with the Diet Doc San Francisco

7 week to one year nutrition coaching for both fat loss and muscle gain.

There are so many ways to feed your body, but the reality is, there is only one way to feed your specific body.  Fueling for strength, fat loss, energy and over all wellbeing is a science which requires a type of progression, consistency and accountability. We offer 7-21 week nutritional coaching  programs which are developed to give you the tools and knowledge of what, when and why to eat certain foods during your day and around your workouts.  The result puts you in control of your weight, strength gains, and energy levels for your specific lifestyle and ideally, for life.

Private and Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions

 55 or 30 minute personal training sessions designed to meet individual goals and abilities.

We believe physical training should be fun and enjoyable. We also know that it takes getting down to business to achieve the results that most clients desire. We bring an extensive knowledge of the body’s muscular and skeletal structures, specifically how they are intended to perform at various levels, which is critical in setting and achieving personal goals. Our focus when designing training programs is to ensure that the structure is sound from the ground up.  This means we develop foundational movement program designs which evolve as the client’s strength and functional movement patterns increase.

Physical Therapy with Jen Crane

30 or 55 minute physical therapy sessions tailored for individual needs.

  There are many different types of Body Work and Physical Therapy available.  We offer functional manual Physical Therapy.  This means, that we address movement and pain issues at the very root. We use a multitude of therapeutic tools and techniques to restore efficient mobility of the joints and soft tissue structures.  All techniques aim to restore balance, mobility, strength and motion in order to achieve maximum function.  The treatment philosophy we use is client centered and evidence based, meaning that you will only receive treatment that has been proven to be the most effective available. The result is less pain, greater mobility and overall improved strength.