Student Testimonials

Shannon is a dedicated and motivating instructor who has an obvious love of health and fitness and sharing her knowledge with students. When I enrolled in her 300 hour NASM certification course, I had a lot of personal experience with team sports and exercise but very limited knowledge of anatomy and physiology and no background in conducting assessments, program design, proper exercise progression, coaching, and sports nutrition. With an integrated teaching style, we not only learned the fundamentals of personal training through class presentations and discussions, but we delved much deeper through hands on instruction. Since our classes were held in an actual gym, Shannon demonstrated proper form and technique, utilizing a variety of equipment, all tailored to the topic of that particular class. We designed programs and trained our fellow classmates while under her watchful eye. Taking what we learned in class, through our textbook and presentations, and then immediately applying it while getting thorough feedback was instrumental in my learning. Shannon modeled what we were all looking to become- knowledgeable and encouraging trainers who help people reach their health and fitness goals. The NASM Certification course prepared me for the NASM exam and instilled confidence in my ability to gain employment in the field. I was able to tell my current employer that while I was new to personal training, I had completed a 300 hour certification course and had hours of hands on experience. This was a key factor in being offered the position…- Hannah (Group Instructor at Get in Shape)

‘Shannon is a great teacher and trainer.  Her passion for training and working with people is contagious.  I worked with Shannon over a period of months while she was instructing at PT Pro.  Shannon taught the NASM curriculum in a small group setting.  She made sure that her students didn’t just memorize muscles, attachements, and exercises, but actually understood them and had fun doing it.  The best part about learning with Shannon was her ability to incorporate her personal experience into the lessons.  Students learned how to perform physical assessments, perform client intake interviews, lead 1 on 1 and small group training classes.  Most of all we gained experience and confidence.
Through the experience I was able to pass the NASM exam and become a Certified Personal Trainer.  During the interview process at various gyms it became apparent that having that experience and also listing it on my resume was a definite advantage.  I was hired at Sports Club/LA in San Francisco just one month after passing my NASM exam.  I had made a career transition, which was a tough call to make.  I don’t think I would be successful now as a trainer, if I hadn’t started working with Shannon

I recently completed my CPT certification with Shannon Morse as my tutor and mentor. There was a lot of material in the NASM textbook which was sometimes overwhelming but Shannon’s style of teaching always kept things interesting, fun and easy to follow with lots of practical exercises relating the material we were going over. I really enjoyed Shannon’s hands-on approach and she was always sure that each of us understood & felt comfortable with the information and material before moving on, even taking extra time with us individually if need be. This proved to me that she is not only extremely passionate and enthusiastic about the health and fitness industry but was also very dedicated  and committed to ensuring each of us had the information and knowledge we needed to be successful in this competitive industry also. Shannon goes above and beyond and I couldn’t recommend a better motivator and now friend to help kick start your career in Personal Training!

- Keryn (Personal Trainer at Private Gym in La Jolla

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