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Physical Therapy

Jennifer Crane is a recognized expert in the field of manual physical therapy. Her evaluation and treatment is tailored to each person to eliminate pain and restore functional movement.  She uses a critical and detail oriented examination and evaluation approach, and assesses the body as a whole system in order to properly identify the root cause of the issue.  Based on the evaluative findings, she takes a holistic approach to addressing all issues via specific hands-on manual techniques.  She uses a multitude of therapeutic tools and techniques to restore efficient mobility of the joints and soft tissues to include muscles, nerves, fascia, skin, tendons, and ligaments. All techniques aim to restore balance, mobility, strength, and motion in order to achieve maximal function. The treatment philosophy she uses is client-centered and evidence-based, meaning that you will only receive treatment that has been proven to be the most effective available.

Tools and treatment approaches that will be integrated into your care:

  • Advanced manual therapy techniques
  • spinal and peripheral joint mobilization
  • Biomechanical movement analysis
  • Trigger point therapy and release
  • Instrument assisted tissue mobilization (similar to graston/astym)
  • Cupping therapy for myofascial release
  • application of therapeutic elastic tape (similar to kinesiotape)
  • corrective rehabilitative exercise program
  • Injury prevention training
  • Athletic performance enhancement

Conditions treated:

  • Back Injuries and herniated discs/sciatica
  • Neck Pain and injuries
  • Shoulder, Arm and Hand Injuries
  • Pre and Post Surgical Treatments
  • Hip, Knee and Ankle Injuries
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Headaches
  • Ergonomic/Postural Consults
  • Chronic Pain Conditions/Syndromes