Tips & Tricks of the Trade; Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Workout Efforts in the Gym

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We all want to see results when we put our precious time and energy into the gym.  Most of us are willing to spend amazing amounts of money on pills or quick fixes to just see one abdominal muscle pop through. Just stepping foot in the gym is a feat in and of itself on most days. Some people talk themselves into believing that they are actually seeing a change in their body, when in fact, nothing has changed. There are a few sure fire ways to track your gym progress that will never lie:

1.) Progress pictures (as scary as they sound, they work!)progress photos, weight loss, muscle gain, weight training techniques, weight lifting,

2.) The scale (best used on a weekly basis on an empty stomach, don’t torture yourself by stepping on every 30 minutes to see if something changed)weight loss, womens feet on scale, weight loss, tracking weight loss, san francisco personal trainer,

3.) Body measurements (this can be through a tape measure or how your favorite pants fit around your waist) tape measurement, weight loss, muscle gain, san francisco personal training, how to measure your waist

These three forms of measurement combined will give you the true story as to what your efforts have been doing.

For those of you that don’t follow all of the fitness articles, studies and trends; I am here to deliver the information in a short summary for you.

These 3 metrics will help you get lean, sculpted and just feel better all around with your own progress.

  1. Choose weight lifting over cardio for FAT loss. It is easy to drop WEIGHT doing hours on end of cardio and eating close to nothing. Unfortunately, that weight will most likely be protein stores in your muscle tissue.  Notice the word WEIGHT is not the same as the word FAT.  When we ask our bodies to do endurance style activities without giving it proper fuel it will cleverly use what available nutrients it has and turn them into a form of energy supply (for more on this click here). In addition to this very important factor, when we do low to moderate cardio our body only burns energy (calories) for the duration of time we are performing the exercise.  Whereas when we perform weight lifting exercises where our muscles are fatiguing between 8-12 repetitions per set,  we are now using an energy system that requires repair and recovery of muscle tissue.  In order to do this our bodies will burn an additional amount of calories for the next 24-36 hours. This is known as EPOC ( Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption).

  2. Get a good nights sleep.  Has anyone heard of HGH? Well if you haven’t, it is a growth hormone produced by our pituitary gland.  This growth hormone is knows as the youth serum for some because of its incredible capacity to improve eye sight, collagen production, memory, sexual drive, fat loss, muscle recovery, skin elasticity, metabolism and the list goes on and on.  Our body produces the most amount of HGH as we are kids growing up.  As we get older, our level of HGH production naturally declines. However we can increase the production by working out daily and by getting 8 hours (10 hours for athletes) of solid uninterrupted sleep a night.  Studies show that we produce as much as 75% of our daily HGH levels while we are sleeping and with all of the amazing things that HGH does for the body you are cutting your progress short if you aren’t getting your zzzz’s.

  3. Lose the booze.  I know this is going to be the last one anyone wants to hear. I get it. I really do. I love my wine, tequila and bourbon,  just to name a few. When I want to see real results in the gym, this one thing HAS GOT TO GO!!  When we drink alcohol our body recognizes it as a poison and ships it straight to our liver.  Our liver is our chief operator for fat metabolism in our body.  If this guy is having a rough day or has to spend its time metabolizing alcohol, you can kiss your efficient fat burner far, far away.



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