Tips & Tricks of the Trade; Stevia the Sugar Substitute

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No one wants to give up the treats that they love, but sometimes its good to find something to substitute the guilty pleasures that are causing us damage and keeping us from our goals.

My personal vice was Hazelnut Coffee Mate. I drank about 1/3 of a cup of this stuff every day for close to 5 years.  There are so many things wrong with my Coffee Mate consumption so lets save time and just look at the main points.

  • Calories: Every day I was consuming close to 5.5Tbsp of Coffee Mate. Every 1Tbsp of Coffee Mate is 35 calories. Not too bad if you only have one tbsp. Lets be real here, nobody does that, especially me.  So I was consuming roughly 200 calories of coffee mate per day.  Multiply that by 7 days of the week and that is 1,400 calories which equates to about 1/4 of a pound that I was gaining in caloric excess each week. (3,500 calories =1pound)

  • Sugar: For each 1Tbsp of Coffee Mate there are 5 grams of sugar. Now multiply that by 5.5Tbsp for the day which equals 27.5 grams of sugar.  Multiply that now by 7 days and it equates to 192.5 grams of sugar! Every week I was consuming enough sugar that would fill a pint glass to the brim.

We don’t realize how the little habits of indulgence day to day can add up to serious damage over a period of time.  That’s why the term “Everything in Moderation” rings so true.

My Coffee Mate substitute of choice is Stevia. I find some amazing flavors at Whole Foods, however you can also find a large assortment on line. The photo above is my current collection of additives for my coffee, tea and oatmeal.  I consume at least two of the items in this photo daily. They are delicious and I feel great throughout the day. There are no adverse side effects when used in small doses for sweetening food, in fact Stevia is good for you. For more in depth Stevia Facts click HERE.





noun: stevia; plural noun: stevias

  1. 1.

    a composite herb native to South America (Genus Stevia, esp. S. rebaudiana, native to Paraguay) whose leaves are the source of a noncaloric sweetener.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size:  5-8 drops, to taste
Servings Per Container:  300
Proprietary blend; Purified water Stevia (leaf) extract
Other Ingredients: Natural flavors All natural, Zero Calories, Zero Carbohydrates. Zero Glycemic Index



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